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A Free Collectible

Over the next 2 months, we will be encouraging all readers of our Telegram Public Drip to subscribe with a free token (below!). If you don’t have a crypto wallet, feel free to let me know (@rafathebuilder) and I can help onboard you.

As we continue to grow, this registration process will help us extend our membership beyond those that are paying for additional privileges such as the discussion forum, curation, and commissioning essays.

After the 2 months, onboarding will require the token and the Mirror newsletter will become the fully free and public interface.

→ Curious about the current masterplan? Continue reading below.


Membership Structure

It’s been exciting designing the membership model at Folklore. What I’ve settled on is a three tier system:

  1. Free, no token (newsletter curation) (Subscribe to this Mirror!)

  2. Free, with token, unlimited supply (public TG drip) (Collect Token Above)

  3. Paid, with token, limited supply (private forum, events, content voting, and other contributor activities) (Pay for membership here)

Token holders will also be able to collect Badges for participating. Those that collect badges will receive a discount in renewing their membership. I hope that contributors will have an optional free membership based on their commitment to building Folklore’s Decentralised Autonomous Media Network.

Our Master Plan

At Folklore, long-form writing and funding is our focus. Essays, such as Finn’s recent one, will be collectible as Writing NFTs.

However, these commissions will only be available to writers who have been curated by Folklore Curators (myself at the moment), to ensure high quality participation in our publishing.

Funds from writing NFT sales and memberships will be gathered in our treasury and distributed to the writers themselves (using on-chain splits).

Folklore will create a blueprint for self-funding media entities.

Our flywheel:

  • Sell recurring memberships

  • Curate long-form content and approve quality writers

  • Commission new long-form content and sell them as Writing NFTs

  • Distribute content to the author’s audience

  • Sell recurring memberships

This flywheel will help us fund Folklore’s decentralised on-chain infrastructure and automated (AI-supported) collective curation.

In other words, Folklore is slowly becoming a 21st century digital magazine — or better known as “Decentralised Autonomous Media Network”.

Want to be part of the Folklore journey? Get our mid season membership today:

A big thanks to @more_reese, @FLobsien, @JoshNuttall and @cryptohun3y for the great feedback and encouragement.

If you are a member and curious about onboarding, you can follow the steps in this thread:

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