Curation at Folklore

We’ve curated over 200 articles over the past nine months and some trends are beginning to appear. Specifically, we can look back and understand the primary sources of our readings, as well as the overarching theme.

Meandering among the digital humanities

Back in August 2022, when Folklore initially launched, I described the curation as “a unique intersection of content combining community, internet lorecraft, and human relationships in the digital realm”.

It turns out that Folklore’s curation can best be described as an exploration of The Digital Humanities.

Digital humanities (DH) is an area of scholarly activity at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and the disciplines of the humanities. It includes the systematic use of digital resources in the humanities, as well as the analysis of their application.


From GPT, the voice of Kafka:

In the shadowy realm where old manuscripts slumber, the digital humanities emerged as a metamorphosed being, fusing ancient wisdom with computational precision. This peculiar entity reached out to literature, history, and the arts, weaving an intricate web to unveil their secrets through a machine's gaze.

The labyrinth of data, once obscured, was traversed by this hybrid, exposing patterns and connections long hidden. An existential unease enveloped onlookers, contemplating the implications of such a transformation. The metamorphosis revealed the complexity of human thought and the inexorable advance of technology.

*ChatGPT4, Kafka on the Digital Humanities

Our sources of curation

At Folklore, curation is simple:

  1. Browse Twitter

  2. Browse Discord

  3. Save articles in a backlog

  4. Select daily content from the backlog

Content is chosen based on writing quality, diversity of source, and personal taste. In general, the content at Folklore leans towards technologies influencing interpersonal human connection today: crypto, artificial intelligence, social media, and other algorithmic technologies.

Overall, the content is sourced from communities, editorial publications, and secondary references.

Each community included here has their own crowdsourced curation. If you like Folklore, you will likely enjoy the people, conversations, and curation within each of these communities:

In addition, there are a series of online publications which have excellent and compelling content. Here are a few that are constantly nurturing influential content:

Finally, there are a few newsletters that constantly publish excellent thought pieces and link out to interesting sources (check the links and footnotes):

Thank you again for reading and enjoying Folklore. If you have recommendations for newsletters, please let us know. We value diversity of writing and perspective and are constantly looking for fresh takes on our social realities (IRL and URL).

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